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These “grunt” Drum Crushers dispose of damaged or unwanted 205 litre drums and save on space, transport and handling, whilst enabling easy recycling. Insert the drum, close the safety, interlocking door and press the button for automatic compaction. The unit will reduce a 205 litre drum to a 75mm high disc in an 40 second cycle.

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The UDC 500 is a Fully Automated Drum Crusher designed to crush 4 drums at a ttime and then to auto eject the crushed discs into a container. No manual handling required as all the drums are placed by forklift into the crush chamber. The forklift driver simply preses start and go.

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The Drum Crusher has fork pockets built into the frame for transporting. Move the Drum Crusher to the desired location with the forklift. Anchoring to the floor is at the customer discretion. If you desire to anchor to the crusher, use the four holes provided in the fork pockets for this purpose.

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2019-12-13 · Forklift Drum Crusher For Sale. Drum crusher is an efficient tool for drum crushing drum disposal drum equipment drum recycling Crushers Chip Recycling Scrap Equipment Listed For Sale PIQUA Piqua Drum Crusher For crushing 55 Gallon metal drams or

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DRUM CRUSHER MODEL SL55. The SL 55 Drum Crusher has been carefully engineered for rugged industrial service and durability at a reasonable price. It crushes 55 gallon steel drums to 4-6 inches in 35 seconds! It also excels at crushing smaller drums and cans. This drum crusher is designed to be used as an attachment on a skid steer.

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2021-1-4 · Save space by crushing empty steel drums or compacting dry waste into 55 gallon drums. This drum crusher and in-drum compactor crushes drums into easily managed 4" 'pancakes', capable of being removed with an easy-to-use forklift. Reliable and simple to operate, our drum crushers can also be customized if needed.

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ENPAC POLY-OVERPACK® 95, 65, 30 AND 20 GALLON SALVAGE DRUMS. Displaying 1 30 of 86

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WastePac Drum Crusher. Waste Initiatives Drum Crushers are robustly built units with great functionality ensuring fast & easy crushing of your steel drums. Drum Crushers are suitable for sizes up to 205L, and are equipped with drum piercing spikes and a 30L oil retention tank to capture any residue.

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The Model 55SC features 40,000 pounds to crush a drum down to 6.5 inches tall. Model 55E Drum Crusher At a powerful 60,000 pounds of compaction force, the 55E will crush up to 10,000 drums per year down to 4.5 to 5 inches tall. Maximum size drum: 55-gallon.

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Offers drum dumpers and crushers as well as 55 gallon stainless steel drums, rolling stairs, hydraulic lift tables, self dumping hoppers, forklift attachments, and electric pallet jacks.